Friday, July 5, 2013

A Romper for Bella

it has been awhile since i made a toddler outfit. it was so much fun on my new sewing machine. I thought it would be nice to share what I made for my Great Granddaughter……Annabelle is just 2 years old last month. Don’t ya just love the pony!!!!253262_589851327706500_993962851_n Bella's romper 038 Bella's romper 042

Bella's romper 045 Bella's romper 046 Bella's romper 055 Bella's romper 059

Bella's romper 060

Just had to share these gathered legs,Bella's romper 064

Headbands to match. Bella's romper 067 Off to Washington this morning!!!!!

I hope you all had a nice 4th of July! It sounded like war broke out here in Nampa.


Janet said...

She's going to look adorable in that!! And with matching headbands, too.

It's a bit cooler here today. And i"m very thankful for that. I've had enough of triple digit temps for a while.

Journeyin' Lady... said...

Cute outfit! I hope you get a photo of her wearing it so you can share just how cute she looks!

NanaDiana said...

That is just a darling outfit. I hope we get to see a picture of her with it on. GREAT job-xo Diana

Andria said...

Adorable! I hope you get a photo of her in the sweet outfit.

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh granny you had such fun! Is she going to be the most girlie-girl on the block? Too cute!
You can see my almost two year old grand daughter on my blog today! Come visit!!

Ruth Kelly said...

You are so talented. YOur great granddaughter has about the same length of hair that my 2 year old granddaughter has. I should get my sewing machine out but I need to paint the next room in my house. The romper is just darling!