Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo Box

This is the model I worked from.....I thought it would be better for you to see these pictures. This was what I used. The box is 12x12x12 inches. I am still excited over having this. You can use different colors also which sounds like fun to me. This is probably old stuff to most of you, and you may have a better way. Carri j wanted to see what I had done. You are right, really easy.


Carrie J said...

That is exactly what I had in mind for you. I'm glad you found it. Isn't is funny how such a simple thing can make such a difference!

Janet said...

What a great idea! The photo of the charm you made for your friend came out great, as did the ones of the little Christmas stockings. Those are so cute! When do you ever sleep??

<3Katy4ever said...

Wow I never would have thought of something like this! This is such a great idea!!! Thanks!