Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tents for Darfur

Shabby in the City expressed a interest in knowing about this event. I went to see Brenda Monday and she was so proud. Click on this page, our Paster Steve was on the team that went to Washington.

The lady in the blue t-shirt is Brenda my friend of 25 years. She is holding with her Grandson Lias the banner of our church. You will need to click on the photo page to see the tents in the lower right. Thank you Shabby, it is a good thing to share.


Lynn said...

Bravo to all groups and individuals who work for peace world wide and especially now for Dufar. Thanks for posting this reminder that much needs to be done.

Gail said...

This is so great, thanks for sharing. Sorry I have not been around for awhile but if you check out my blog you will see why.
BE BLESSED and if I don't get back this way have a great Thanksgiving.

Beth said...

How wonderful and Heart warming. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I see! Thank you :) I was thinking that there were tents purchased for homeless people in Darfur. But I read the whole article. Our country has so much power to do for helpless people like those.

Come play my "game" :)

Cat said...

That is an awesome project.

I updated todays post with Annie...since you asked! You can go back and see her now! (Thanks)

Hope all is well!
Hugs, C