Friday, December 12, 2008

catching up

The back and front of the charm I made for my sister Sharon. She loves Butterflies and she is a Virgo. E-mail was a gift from her along time ago. She introduced it to me with my first computer, she brought it to me. Click on picture to see them better. This is the back and front of my friend Brenda's charm. She had me make it for her little Great Niece that is fighting Leukemia. Brooklyn is not 3 yet. We have hope that she will be well.


Lynn said...

Sweet work for a sweet little girl. I pray for her healing.
All your art is quite beautiful!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Glad your foot is getting better...that sometimes hurts for a long time!
Your charms are wonderful.

CattyCat said...

Yes, come by as much as you want. I love visitors. I see we have a couple others in common, Beth and Cat.

Cat said...

The blue butterfly is wonderful! What a special gift!

The sentiment of the angel will be a comfort to Brooklyn.

These are wonderful, you are talented!

Kelli said...

So pretty and such sweet and thoughtful gifts!

lila said...

Lovely artistic charms sure to heal spirits of those who receive them!

Beth said...

Your pendants are beautiful! I made several for Christmas presents this year too. What kind of iron do you use? I use the cheap ones because I burn them out so easily. I had an expensive one but it didn't last long either. I try to keep the tip cleaned and I can usually make about 15 pendants before the tip gets burned out.
I wish I lived close to you so we could do some soldering together.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!