Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm good to go!

Thank Goodness you can craft sitting down, so I got a lot done while healing. I cleaned some was good. The doctor said I had sprained my foot, but nothing broken. Thank you for your notes, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Wrapped it up like a mummy.Why did I fall in the first place. Just not paying attention, and a 4 inch step. Now the battle of the itchie scab. It's big! It is going to start snowing tomorrow night. Looks like a big storm coming down from Alaska....Too Cold. Is it me? Or did Christmas come fast this year. So much to do, so little time.
I hope your all having a wonderful Holiday season. It was so good to find you all on my blog...what would I do without your support? Stay safe and watch your step!!!!! Hugs, Mary


CattyCat said...

Sorry to hear about your nasty fall, but glad to read all is going to go back to normal, i.e. nothing broken.

Thanks you for your sweet generous comment on my blog. Curious how you found your way to it.

Carrie J said...

Mary, so sorry you fell. I have fallen twice in the past year. Once down a step like your mentioned. That I am still recovering from, banged my knee up pretty bad, and once I stepped in a hole in the neighbors yard. My ankle and foot turned black and blue and still swells when I ride a long way. Sigh. Kids seem to bounce back so quickly. I guess this means I'm getting old.
Hope you will feel back to normal soon. Take care.

Cat said...

Christmas did come fast this year because Thanksgiving fell late - it shortened the time between...which is when I get ready for Christmas!

Our snow just started this morning early. The wind jolted me out of bed about 6am. I imagine you are all in white by now!

Stay warm, and don't bump that knee.

Hugs, Cat