Thursday, January 29, 2009

A charm that I made for me....

I think this saying is very useful at this time. It has gotten a lot of attention from strangers. I know these are hard times for so many and as a child I remember coming home from school and taking my shoes off because no matter what, it was my shoes for the school year. Does anyone remember brown and white Oxfords....I hated them. It was common to have steele taps put on your shoes to help them to last. Also off to the shoes repair man for a new sole, the shoe would be smiling at me. I had church shoes, just for church. They were Mary Jane's and no telling how long I wore them...I can remember when I first got this pair they gave me blisters because they were to big and then later curling my toes and wishing church would hurry and get over so I could take them off. Are these bad memories, was just how it is a and we have forgotten how to be a little uncomfortable to put food on the table. When I tell my kids stories about my childhood it is a mistery to them, they have no idea what this life was all about. Thats okay, but now I wonder if they have the tools to step back and make do.


Carrie J said...

This is our family motto. We don't always manage to live by it but we do our best. It has served us well when we do. Your work is beautiful.
Thanks for the nice remarks you left on my blog. I do believe you assessment about depression may be correct. I'm working on it.
Off for a weekend trip so maybe that will perk me up.

Janet said...

I remember saddle oxfords! I wanted penny loafers but I wore the oxfords instead.

I think too many of us have taken good times for granted, and especially the young people who have never dealt with hardship. These times might be a good eye-opener for some!

~Barb~ said...

LOVE this so much! You do great work!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...I would love for you to come back anytime. I will certainly be back to see you again.

The Feathered Nest said...

Hello sweet Mary!! Please forgive my absence...I promise it's just because I've been spreading myself a little thin!!! I hope to be back to normal next week and I'm going to have my blogiversary giveaway too...hugs to you sweet friend, xxoo, Dawn

Julie said...

Oh, saddle shoes! I had them too! And my hair was cut in a little Dutch Boy haircut.

I love your necklace. It certainly has been my way of life for the past few years!