Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Father and Mother did not know each other until after they had finished their schooling. They lived in the same town, but because Father went away to school in New York they had never met. But fate took a hand, they met at a party in the club house in Lafayette Square. They had a year engagement before getting married. Mother was considered middle class and Father Old money, and a man of wealth.

Most girls were educated at home, but Grandpa Townsand had 4 girls and he wanted them to have a education in school. Rachael was shy so it was decided that going to 18th St. School would be good for her and Jane. One by one the girls started school, and at home they were taught the art of being a lady. They would one day run their own homes and there were rules and fashion. Knowing how to help their husbands and become great ladies.

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