Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ruth loved St. Louis,Missouri

Page #10 Because of Ruth's daily spells she didn't get to travel, she would become out of control more and more as she grew. She was drugged to make her sleep, Dr. Brown had nothing to stop these horrible fits, and ticks...all he could do was help her rest. Dr. Brown was looking everywhere to find a answer, but nothing seemed to fit. She looked perfect, she wasn't sick very often. He wanted the Carpenters to take her to Chicago to a Doctor that dealt with things he had never seen. Ruth was a puzzlement, and she needed help.
Ruth loved her life in St. Louis, she knew just about everyone that lived near Lafayette Park, and most of the towns people knew her by name. Of course the Cafe' was her home and it was always busy with the families from the area. Clara and Ruth would go into the parlor to peek through the curtains into the Cafe'. Ruth wasn't allowed to come into the Cafe' any longer, she was becoming a embarrassment. Nurse Nancy was always close encase
Ruth went out of control. Clara had become used to her spells and would stay or leave based on
how bad it got. Clara had a Nanny also, she would bring Clara to play and sit in the park across the Avenue until it was time to take her home. Ruth had other friends, but no one loved Ruth like Clara did. Time was passing and these days of being little girls would soon come to a end.
Martha the housekeeper says, "lots of people are going to California looking for Gold". She heard that it was the land of milk and honey...we got Milk, and Honey for heaven's sake! Father says,
" a lot of people come home with nothing but the clothes on their backs almost starved." Milk and Honey, Really! Mother says that Martha is going to eat us out of house and home, if you look real close she almost always has a mouth full of something from the kitchen. Della Mae yells at her all the time for one thing or another, child get to work, do you hear me Martha, get your lazy bottom up stairs and clean up the bedrooms before Miss Rachael catches you just wondering around. Martha loved to gossip and would run errends for Della Mae and stay gone...Della Mae would be so mad, but she would settle down when Martha told her the lates news from the Post and the Market...Martha was like having our own news paper, but better.

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This is so real! It leaves me breathless for the next installment!