Thursday, March 26, 2009

eye opening

Yesterday was really good. I have been struggling with my sinus for more years than I want to think about. I have had really good care and not so good. You go to the Doctor, they look up my nose it looks awful and they give me antibiotic's a spray of some kind and off I go. Never having long term lack of infection. I have gone to specialist on my young years that give me weekly shots trying to build up my immunity, and you Begin to realize there is always something else....each season bring discomfort in one way or another. I had never been scoped. And that was emotional for me to see into my nose, and shocking. I started crying because it was a real eye opener. He couldn't even get where he wanted to go because I was a train wreck in there. In two weeks I get a CT scan. He was really nice and let me know that I was going to get well. He put me on Prednisone and a strong antibiotic, so that I could start getting well and to get my swelling and infection out of the way so he can truly see what is going on. I am grateful!


Sharon said...

And there is hope. So glad you will be mending at last.

Janet said...

Well, that's good news that he can help you. Just take care of yourself and take your medicine and keep a positive attitude.

Julie said...

It sounds as if you have found a good doctor at last. Isn't it comforting to hear that you are finally "going to get well"?