Friday, March 27, 2009

Man's best friend

Almost every evening no matter what the hour, Arney gives his babies as he calls them a small treat. These are our Beagle's and they are always is part of their nature. Mattie Anne has bad back legs, surgery helped but Arthritis sat in. LB, for Little Beagle is fine, he is our scout, he does Mattie"s Running and she does the barking. It works for them. They are our little friends. Baxter is a very tiny male cat. He sleeps most of the day and wants out at night. We think he has a gang and he is the leader. He has used a few of his 9 lives fighting. Baxter is not going to be pushed around by Mattie Anne and LB, nor will they deal with him...they live in harmony based on the chain of command. Mattie is the boss, LB is the protector and scout, Baxter is a talker and can tell long wonderful stories. He demands his time for petting. And takes great pride in the fact that he can get in high places. We have squirrel's and they tease the dogs like crazy...they get fed year round. Sense I haven't been really doing much, I thought I would share our little friends. Arney says we are cheap labor for them.
Mattie is the food hound....see that toque, Arney gave them a cracker with peanut butter on it.


Lynn said...

sweet pets...enjoy them.

Janet said...

Pets are part of the family. They sure bring a lot of enjoyment to our lives. Your babies look happy and content and well cared for.

Ours are spoiled rotten. HB wasn't keen on having any pets at first but now he would be lost without our kitties.

Cat said...

Precious pets!

Julie said...

What sweet photos. I have a "begging" photo of Penny and Lady, taken when Penny had grown to Lady's size (which lasted about a minute before Penny got big!)

When we had our Dusty cat, she ruled over our two dogs - no question. She just had to give them a swat from her perch on a chair and that was that. She also ruled the neighborhood for many years until she got too old (she was 18 1/2 when she left us).