Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ruth finds a letter

Page #23 Ruth found her paper dolls, but she also found a letter. Ruth took the letter and got down the Dictionary because she didn't understand what Asylum meant. She didn't read the letter right away, she was afraid of what it might say. So she hid it and fixed her paper dolls. Something was wrong and in her heart she knew it was about her. Ruth knew this letter was to her Mother, that it was not for her to read. Ruth thought about putting it back in the trash can, that's what I will do. But before she would put it back, she started to read it. She had a hard time with the words. But she understood enough to fear what was ahead. It answered the secret, the upper room is for me. And why would the door be locked? Ruth decided to wait, and wait she did.


Betzie said...

Love your collage Mary! So pretty!!! Ruth is smiling I'm sure.

Julie said...

God, I hope Rachael listened to Emma.