Monday, March 2, 2009

What Ruth didn't know yet.

Page #21

When they took Ruth to see Dr. Harper, the advice that was given Rachael and Micah was more than they could hardly bare. He said that Ruth would only get worse, that soon she would not have any time between spells. He told them about a asylum in Missouri that she could be cared for in. That she would find children there just like her.
Rachael would not do this, she could not bare the thought of sending her to a asylum, this was not going to happen. But Ruth was getting worse. They were giving her more and more medicine. And it was just to make her rest. But also they were embarrassed about Ruth, they had no real control over her illness. More and more they tried to keep her hid, but she was growing up and it was getting to the point of fear, she could hurt Samuel, she had scared him a few times already.
The upper room was something Rachael didn't want to think about. But the whole family knew it was the room or the asylum. Rachael knew that it was only a matter of time, Ruth had to be controlled. Micah had to be strong in this decision. He marked the calendar and said to Rachael this is the day. I will prepare the upper room and Ruth will stay in the room. Rachael had a thousand questions, but the first was, will she come out sometimes. Micah said no, we can not continue to live this way. So they made their plan. The room was very small, and the only window looked out over the front of the house. Ruth would have no visitors, no one but the family would know she was there. It was understood that no one would talk about Ruth, they would tell everyone that she had gone away to a special girls school in New York. Martha had agreed to take her food, clean the room, and she had the key. Anyone that broke the rules would find themselves out of a job. Martha was paid well for her silence. Rachael and Micah fought many times over this decision, Rachael was sick with this, but the asylum was out of the question. They had heard awful stories about how they treated people. Cages, and beatings, starvation.
This is all so crule Rachael would cry. My poor baby, my poor little Ruth.

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