Monday, April 6, 2009

Do you remember the Micky Mouse Club & American Bandstand?

I wonder how many kids learned to dance from watching and dancing to American Bandstand? I didn't start collecting records until I was 14, that was when I could babysit. My Dad was a Elvis fan, so my first album was GI Blues. Dad bought it for me, but it was really for him. My Dad was only 32 when I was 14. It was a big year at our house. My Mother had my baby brother. Sharon my sister was 7 years old. My Mother loved Bandstand too. I wanted to dance on the show! At that time my cousin Gloria and my friend Judy Sportsman were my dance partners. At school dances I was a little shy, but after a couple of songs I could have danced all night. My husband went to the same school I did. I thought he was really good looking with his blue eyes and very light blond flat top. He would walk behind me going home from school sometimes and flirt with me. He liked my long red hair. I knew he was always with a new girl and I thought that was terrible. He was a grade ahead of me, so he and his friends ruled the school.
It could be fun to Doddle a Pee Chee folder....I will ! Just take this photo and see what you come up with. Just for fun.

After school during the week I would watch first Micky Mouse Club. And then American Bandstand. It was the best TV to me. Everyone I knew loved Annette. Two days a week 7 of us would meet before school...6th grade and get hot biscuits in Kathy garage. She had the record player in the garage and she would turn it up full blast and we would do the dance on Micky Mouse club. Why did we do this? Just because it was very cool to be like them. No, we never danced for anyone but ourselves. We were all really good friends and it was our little club. I loved 6th grade, Mr. Marr was a very handsome teacher, we all had a crush on him. And we thought he liked the second grade teacher who was very pretty. I think back to this time with fond memories, everything was peaceful and the days were long. Southern California was warm and sunny. At least it seemed that way to me. In looking back I find this to be my truth...if you had a pee-chee folder, gum, friends, and a cute boy to look at, life was good. Oh ya, a cool Dad that had a great car! Baby blue Cadillac...smell that leather!


Lynn said...

I loved Annette two. My three friends and I would run home from school, may have been 7th watch at Joann's house as she was the only one on the block with a TV set. And American Bandstand too. No cadillac's in our neighborhood but I thought my dad's yellow Chevy with big fins was pretty darn cool. Thanks for reminding me of Pee Chee folders!

Janet said...

I watched American Bandstand but never got into the Mickey Mouse Club very much. I did like Annette when she and Frankie Avalon made all those beach movies.

My dad was a Mercury guy. He liked Ford products.

Gail said...

It is a llllong way back down this memory lane you are taking us on.
LOL ! loved American Bandstand, I did watch the MMC for a few years but it was soon replaced with Dick Clark.

Alice said...

I loved American Bandstand and Mickey Mouse. They were such fun.

Julie said...

What a fun trip down memory lane. I too, watched American Bandstand and the Mickey Mouse Club. When we first got TV we got only two channels - Williston, ND and Yorkton, Sask., Canada. It was kinda weird to us to see Canadian TV shows, especially in French, but we watched 'em!