Sunday, July 5, 2009

Babies are born...a really good cobbler

Thought with all the fruit right now, I wanted to share this really good cobbler. This can be made with just about any fruit. I am making it tonight with peaches. You can use fresh fruit or canned, frozen too. There are so many ways to make a cobbler, but this was my favorite. I have been making it for many years.
At the back of our farm is a very old tree that we love...It is more than a hundred years old. About 5 years ago we saw our first Hawk go into this tree and soon there was a nest about 75 ft up on a very large branch. Soon there was babies, we could hear them calling for food. Mom and Dad were really busy bring in the food.
Arney went out this morning and here is the new little family.
Some people are not real fond of Hawks, they come back every year. They never bother anything and they catch the field mice, and that is a very good thing. I thought these were really pretty good pictures considering how far up they were. You can see how big the nest is....And our blue Idaho sky.


Viola said...

Wonderful pictures!The little babies are too cute! :o)

Lynn said...

sweet new birdies in huge to see, thanks for sharing.


How wonderful to have new little babies in your tree!
Also love the pics of your flowers- are some of the lavender from my Mom? She is doing better and better everyday! Her lavender is also blooming, her sister Sandy was down last week and picked some to take back to the hotel. Hope you and Arney are doing well, tell Jenny 'Hi' for me- can't believe how big Summit is!
Take Care- you are always in my thoughts.
All My Love- Sara

Beth said...

Yummy on that cobbler. I am getting a box of peaches to freeze and to make some cobblers with so I will give that a try. Love the baby hawk picture. Love the Idaho blue sky too.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Those babies are adorable! You are so lucky to have been blessed by their mommy to watch them grow and fledge!

Julie said...

Thanks for the peach cobbler recipe. I copied it as a picture so I can just print it right off. I love Peach ice cream too, but seldom find it. I'm like Arney. I sometimes crave canned peaches - or cherries!

I wouldn't mind resident hawks at all. The horrid turkey vultures who have been neighborhood residents for the past couple of summers did not come back this year. Yay - they creeped me out big time. They must have plenty of food by the river so don't have to come into town.