Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Eve Game Tree

Here is our game tree this year. I made little sacks out of felt. Then put a tag on each one with a number on it. I will draw a number from the Jar and that person gets 20.00. Then the sack is opened, I will call out a image that was put on a tag inside. Whom ever has that tag will get 20.00. We play different games each year, but it all about getting 20.00 dollars. I will have them pick a sack, then they will have to exchange over and over until I decide they are ready for the drawing of the number. It is just another way to have our kids and grandkids play together. Click on picture to see it better. This is when I get to spoil my family a little.
Trevor will have his surgery on the ankle Tuesday....we will all be glad when he is on the mend. His ankle is now settled down and not so swelled. A change in the menu for Christmas was decided this cold foggy night...We will have soup and chili.