Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still in the freezer! A little up-date on our condition.

Thought I would just continue yesterdays blog today. We woke this morning with no water...yep it was our turn. We have our own well, and you always fear that the pump may have died. So Arney got on the phone after seeing that we had no pressure on the pump. Looking at no less than a thousand dollars was floating in our heads....yikes!!! But since we have had business with the guy before, he had Arney do a few things and it started working like a dream. It was 5 below when we got up this morning, and with a little wind, the chill factor was really down there. Just another day in the freezer. The weather man says we should get snow this weekend, which means it could warm up. Heat wave! I continue to work on things for Christmas... The Chicken and dumpling were really with my Trevor down and in pain, I made more for him and his wife Terri. Arney took it to him on the way to get some heat tape and some other things that we needed. Trevor loves my soups. He hasn't been eating, but he ate Mom's soup!
I am working on Merry and Bright:(

Thomas Kinkade

I thought these were lovely....I have chicken and dumplings simmering on the is a favorite of our in the winter. It was 4 below this morning, and our high was 16, I sound like a weather person. The sanders are doing their job, so we are better than we were. I have managed to drive here in town, but would not go on the freeway.

We started our day with our daughter Jenny calling for some advice from her Dad, "the pipes are frozen, what should we do. Arney told Doug and Jenny what to do and waited to see if it worked...all was well.

It has been a hard couple of days because our oldest son Trevor broke his ankle, both bones. He is waiting for surgery, they want the swelling to go down. He and his wife Terri went to a concert, somehow Trevor rolled his foot and soon was in the ER. He is in a lot of pain. Not a good way to bring in Christmas. So we pray that this will all be over soon, and he will be getting well.

So our HO HO on hold till we see that all is well for him.

Love, Mary


Janet said...

Yikes! That's cold! But I bet the chicken and dumplings warmed you right up.

I hope Trevor's ankle is ok and it heals fast.

My HO HO HO hasn't seemed to arrive yet!!

Bandit's Pack said...

Brrr...and I thought it was cold here. Our 30 is downright tropical compared to 4 below and a high of 16! Chicken and dumplings sounds scrumptious. I hope your son is on the mend soon, what a holiday bummer. Stay safe and warm!

Bandit's Pack said...

I meant to also tell you that I love those holiday pictures you posted. His always look so cozy, and I love how they appear to be illuminated from within the houses.

Celestial Charms said...

I hope your son gets healed real fast. So horrible when things go wrong around the holidays, but accidents don't know it is Christmas. I will pray he gets better quickly. Your images that you posted today are lovely. Think warm!

Sharon said...

Way too cold for me. But I would be up for some of that chicken and dumplings. Good wishes for you son and his healing.

Barbara Jean said...

It's cold here, but not hat cold!!

We have had temps in the teens for a few days.
very unusual in Oregon.

now, cold, and rain. a bad combination.

May be staying home from the store tomorrow if roads are still slick.

Thanks for coming by


barbara jean

PS Look for the birdhouse in the paper from the keys. =0)

♥Mimi♥ said...

Oh, my goodness! Except for the wonderful chicken and dumplings it sounds like your family has really have some adventures - even your son - and, not so welcome adventures, either!

I know all about frozen water living up here just over the border from Canada. One winter not long ago the city had all of us leave one of our faucts drip mostly the whole winter because even their pipes were freezing underground! NOW that's cold, kiddo, that's cold!

Sending you some warm apple cobbler to go with that warm soup to keep you warm!

Oodles of prayers for your son - what a rotten time of year to have an injury, not that anytime is good.

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