Saturday, December 12, 2009


It is is snowing. Cars are moving very slow. It was 18 this morning when we got up. Julie has some questions about the holidays that I will answer.
1. I started shopping early this year, so I am really done.
2. We have the family Christmas eve gathering. We call it finding the Treasure box. In the box is chocolate candies, and the box is big. Arney hides it on our farm, and has to do all kinds of tricky things so they will not follow his snow prints. Then during the evening the kids and grandkids get ready with flashlights and their own idea of what way they will go first...the family that finds the Treasure will have candy for along time. It has become a discussion at Thanksgiving as to how this will be found, and who will find it.
3. I do not do black Friday.
4. We get our Christmas tree about a week before Christmas.
5. We haven't traveled for Christmas for about 15 years. We have family here.
6. We used to have our own steers on our farm, we raised 3 each year. Sold two and one was for our families. Arney had asked for a large prime rib when he had the steer packaged. So it was Christmas morning and when we opened the package it was the heart of the we did not eat it. I did not think it was funny, but my kids thought it was.
7. My new favorite is "The Family Stone." But for a laugh we love "Christmas story."
8. I love to Bake for Christmas...I do not do a lot of baking during the year.
9. We had a fake Tree for a few early years, but we missed the smell of the tree, so we get a real one.
10. I get a little nerves about what I bought or made for someone about a week before Christmas.
11. I wrap before Christmas eve since this is when we give our gift to our family. But when my kids were little we would stay up almost all night wrapping for Christmas morning...putting all those toys together...Yikes!!!!
12. Christmas Eve is our special gathering. We rest on Christmas day.
13. Since I decorate the tree with candies, cookies, foodies....I love making little bags of all kinds to fill for the tree. It is fun.
14. I really like most of the Christmas songs, even some of the funny ones.
15. I will probably have that last second run to the store, I will have forgot something.
Thank You Julie, this was fun.


Julie said...

Hi, Mary,

It was fun getting to know more about you with this MeMe. It sounds like you have Xmas preps really underway - almost wrapped up, as it were.

No one knows better than my Kristen that a beef heart for Xmas is not funny. When she was a junior in college she spent the year studying at a university in Strasbourg, France. The family she was living with was really mean to her. (They would not even let her use their washer and dryer.) They went to Paris for Christmas and left her alone in Strasbourg. They left a beef heart for her to make for her Xmas Dinner. Needless to say she did not cook it. Fortunately she was invited to dine with another family.

Janet said...

This is a fun meme, and I like your answers. I don't think a beef heart would be a very nice gift either!

You have snow today, I have rain. I'm going to stay in and keep dry.

Cat said...

The Treasure Box hunt sounds like such fun! I'm sure that makes lots of precious memories and something to look forward to each year!

We are in the midst of a snow storm, but the weather map shows it is just beginning! OH OH more snow! We're going to a Jazz game tonight and instead of driving we plan on taking the Front Runner train into SLC.

Happy weekend dear!


Bandit's Pack said...

Great fun to read! I love the snowfall effect on your blog. I hope you don't mind but I added that to mine as well. ♥

Kathy said...

It sounds as if your holidays are full of fun and love. The postcard image with the snow, is fabulous.

Celestial Charms said...

I love to learn about the family traditions of others. The box hunt sounds like so much fun for everyone. I prefer a Christmas eve celebration myself, but my children are still very young, so they expect everthing to happen on Christmas Day and go to sleep early Christmas Eve. Love the vintage postcard image you chose to post. Keep warm.

Lynn said...

Thanks for sharing your holiday info with us. It is fun to learn more about how other people celebrate this time of year. I like the treasure hunt as it seems to involve a lot of people and I love competition this way. I'd want to hunt along with the kids.
And I'd probably push some of the bigger ones out of my way to get to those chocolates!

Have fun, don't be nervous, everyone will love what you gave them.

dusklife said...

Fun read Mary!! Take a photo of your tree with all the goodies, I'd love to see it!
Such a CUTE pic!! Love it!
I want some of your chicken and dumplings!!!
Love the idea of the kids finding the candy so cute! Like an Easter Egg hunt for Christmas, they must love it!!!
Happy Holidays!!!

Betzie said...

My son was on my computer and his gmail ID is "dusklife" it was really ME commenting above! LOL

Betzie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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