Thursday, April 22, 2010

What can a block of cheese tell us????

A short story......While cooking dinner, you go to your refrigerator to get out a block of cheese. You know that it is in there. But it is not there, you search behind, up, down open close, it is not there. So you say, where did the cheese go honey? It is in there, I saw it. So you continue to look, but Alas it is not there. Feeling odd, getting a little stressed. Arney starts looking for that block of cheese in the refrigerator, he cannot find it, meanwhile I am looking in the pantry, maybe it got put in there by mistake. The next thing I know he has opened the trash can, and under a cereal box was that block of cheese. I do not know who put it in there, was it Arney or me. You know your getting old when you put a new block of cheese in the trash and forget that you put it there. At least he found it:)


Kathy said...

Hi there Mary~
Thank you for stopping by my blog and posting. I am so sorry to hear your furry is ill, poor little Mattie. I will be sure to say a prayer for her, and you. It is so hard to decide what to do. My heart is so heavy for you.
Be well sweet friend.

Lynn said...

The rat gets the cheese!
Henry brought in a rat tonight, who might have stolen your cheese!
Glad you found it!
I thought I lost my memory stick for the computer with all my business info on it today. It was not where I ALWAYS keep it.
It took a while to remember that last week I used it for something other than business and then put it in a different place.
So relieved to find it again and put it back in it's "normal" place so I can find it next time I need it.
It's age, huh? You think?

Bandit's Pack said...

My husband likes blue cheese (he's the only one in the family who does). When he opens the smelly package my first instinct is to toss it in the garbage. ☺

Barbara Jean said...

Too funny, and not!
This is sooo something i would do, (and hope my sweet fella did it and not me!) =)
What I want to know, is who put the cereal blow in there with it? =)

Thanks for coming by my place. I will check on the lamp price today.
I think it is $22.00.
It is quite tall though, and not very conducive to sending. I will measure it too.

Hope you have a great day.

barbara jean

Janet said...

LOL! At least you solved the mystery of the missing cheese. It sounds like something I would do.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a funny story. I do things like that! Have a great weekend! Twyla

Barbara Jean said...

Finally getting back to you about lamp you asked about.

It was $26.00, but I have it marked down to $18 because I have another piece of furniture I want there.

It is 24" tall, and weights 4 1/2 lbs.
Let me know if you want me to check shipping. May be costly. (maybe the $8.00 you are saving will help).


barbara jean

Cat said...

Too funny... and too bad I understand totally! I think I have lost a lot of silverware to the garbage by accident! Absent-mindedness that is! I am constantly catching myself putting things in strange places. When I don't catch myself, I am looking forever. Hope the cheese was still good!

Happy weekend, Cat


Sorry to hear about the missing cheese- glad that it was found :) I have done that with the milk- can't find it or Richard goes to get something out of the pantry and there it is...this also happens with the cat food- I will feed them in the morning and then several hours later or when Richard comes home from work, there it is still sitting on the counter. I don't think it is age though- any ways I hope not or I am in big trouble!
Love Ya! Sara

Betzie said...

Too funny Mary!!! Sounds just like something I'd do! I seem to get distracted so easily these days!
Hope you are doing well...Looks like it! Your granddaughter is cute!!