Friday, July 2, 2010

The quilt is done and a little down time....

After I posted, I went on line to look for "Dixie Maid" the batting I used for the baby quilt. Rock River Cotton Company in Janesville, Wisconsin. It seems that this building has been used since the 1880's. Janesvilles has a long history of manufacturing. I was unable to find what year this batting was made, but it was fun looking. I learned other things along the way about a town I knew nothing about. I find there are many adventures in searching for things and places on the Ole computer. This river played a part in the growth of this area.
It is hard to believe the 4th is this weekend....Have a wonderful time! I thought you would get a kick out of me having a time out after finishing the baby quilt. I will give this to Kristie tomorrow, I hope she is happy with it.

I like to lap quilt, then I can stitch anywhere I might be. I do have a frame, but it is for larger quilts.

I am not sure how old this cotton batting is, but it is vintage for sure. It has been in my stash of sewing keepers for along time...years. I bought it at a estate sale and put it away. I decided it was time to use it, so I cut enough for the baby quilt. It feels really good, loved hand stitching with it.

Here is the brown paper sleeve it is shows 69 cents on the upper corner. It looks to be written with a black crayola of some kind. I should look up the company and see what I can find. The batting came with a pattern also, but was gone when I bought this.

Arney is home and his Mother is doing so good considering how ill she has been. She is home and we got a nurse to come in a couple of days a week.

She is very fragile.

I loved catching up on all your posts, everyone is so busy!!!

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The quilt looks great- I am sure Kristie will love it! I am happy to hear that Arney's Mom is doing better. Megan's Grandmother's services are going to next Saturday- Richard is going to be a pallbearer. Her sister Raechel will be coming to town sometime- don't know when. Hope you all have a great 4th tomorrow!