Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!

It seems like yesterday, but another 4th of July is here. I think it is a time to give thought to how we got to this place in history. America came with the blood of men and women, their was no radio or TV, or the phone. Men died to bring messages miles and miles telling of what might be in harms way. I think we have a obligation to ourselves as humans, the brightest, the time of instant knowledge to stop and give thanks to those who have died for us, and for those who continue to believe in "We the People!" I am a news watcher, I always have been. There is so much bad news and I believe there are wonderful stories of good people out there. It seems to be more important to get people upset and set the stage for fear. I can not believe that we have not learned more about each other. If someone was dropped in the United States that knew nothing about us and turned on the TV they would think we were all a bunch of haters. I find it hard to believe that we let this be our entertainment, that we haven't figured out how to think for our self...We the People are listening to so much trash that we cannot see the forest for the tree's. I have gone as far as yelling at my TV when I hear some of the they might hear me! And to talk to each other has become a problem. We are so afraid of offending each other or causing a disagreement. So as we burn up a few hot dogs and eat a watermelon, ask the question....when did we decide to let others do our thinking for us, did we forget that we are all in this together. I know that a lot of you do not watch the news, that you decided long ago to filter out the junk...I wish that I could.


Lynn said...

No time to read carefully just came in to say happy fourth.
Will come back once we are home again. ;-)))


I agree with you Mary- the news is nothing but the horrible and devastating happenings in the world. There is so much good, happy, peaceful things going on the world that they should be reporting on that- but they like to use scare tactics and it works.
I hope that you all had a wondeful 4th today- we spent the afternoon at Mom and Dad's with my Great
Aunt and Uncle- just some nice relaxing time with the family.
If you want to see Solvieg's obituary it is in the Nampa paper online. I haven't talked to Megan since yesterday but so far she is doing okay- glad that Gram's suffering is finally over- Heidi is also doing ok. Megan's sister Raechel will be here Wednesday night through the following Wednesday.
I just keep thinking about when Arne died- now they are all together again. It will be quiet in the house for Heidi. I know that they will all get through this because they are all very strong- but Gram was such a big part of their lives that I know it will be an adjustment for all of them.
Well, I have gone on enough- thank you for the wonderful comment on page- it made me smile.
Love You and Miss You! Sara

Janet said...

I completely agree with you about the news! Most of the time I don't pay much attention to news on TV because I don't consider it to be actually "news"....around here it's mostly more gossip with a lot of trash thrown in! I always prefer to think good thoughts and not let bad stuff into my brain where it can sit and smolder.

Werna Gail said...

I am agreeing also about the news and TV in general, seldom anything on worth watching. Looking back at your last post I found that very interesting about the factory and the batting. Love history. Great little quilt.