Saturday, October 16, 2010

Black Friday

black_fridayThis is a story written by me for Julie at Celtic Lady………this was a contest and I was one of the winners...Thank You Julie!!!!

In a small town called Back of the Moon USA, the Evans family have a fall Ball. This is no ordinary gathering, young witches travel from far and near to be the one girl crowned Queen of All Hallows Eve. They are greeted by the host who is dressed in a long black cape with a hood that shades his face. One by one each girl is taken into the woods where a large black caldron is boiling top a flame that sends sparks high in the sky. Then like in a dream they dance around the caldron. The smell of sage, rosemary, lavender mixed with the burning wood fill the air. The girls spin, twirl, chant, sharing spells they have gleaned in their young life. As the glow of the fire grew higher into the sky you see thirteen girls each lovely in their long white gossamer dresses.

Camille with her long black hair. Her green eyes shining in the fire light.

Savannah’s cold blue eyes and soft blond hair that floated as she twirled.

Hannah’s gray eyes with long spun gold hair.

Margaret’s violet eyes that looked like amethyst and her red hair that touched the ground.

They are beautiful, they are dangerous. As the night turns to dusk a choice is made. Gilda with her chestnut hair and cold black eyes in crowned Queen. When looking into her beautiful face she has a sadness there. Her eyes seemed to look within the soul. It was a celebration, a right of passage for this lovely young witch.

As we leave Back of the Moon, we find Gilda with her black cats that are now her hand maidens. Her umbrella that will give her flight. Crows to deliver messages and direct Gilda to far away places. The mirror that reflects her beauty. Gilda is surrounded by secrets that are hidden till Black Friday.

So come close and hear me, Black Friday is drawing near. Watch the night sky, Gilda Queen of the witches my appear.

by Mary


Julie said...

What you didn't tell your readers is that this was an entry for a contest I held to tell a story about the painting, and that this is a winner!! You are a good writer, Mary!

Celestial Charms said...

Beautiful writing.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hello.. wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for the best wishes on being home... Played some golf this afternoon with other couples and has me running low on gas.. Don't think I am in the right gear yet from the trip... Have a great upcoming week... I will enjoy it too...

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hello! I am so glad I came by to read your story. You Are a great writer. I think you should do more of it. Thanks for coming by. Sorry I've been so quiet this summer, it's just been so busy here. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful autumn! Twyla