Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Up On the Roof of the Barn

One of the hard things is to have your 65 year old husband on the barn roof!!! He even has his cell phone on his hip in case he falls and I didn't hear the thud. He should be done tomorrow, and then I can breath again:) The singles on the barn have been there for over a hundred years as close as we can tell. They are wooden singles and are really sweet, but the new singles are not. Our poor Ole barn has been leaking for long!!!
This is our next project...I am painting the bathroom and the new toilet will go in...One thing about a older home, there is always something to do...

The singles and whatever Arney needed to do the roof was delivered...The barn needs a fresh paint job year! Our temp was 29 the last couple of we are really feeling fall now. It will be about 70 by 5:00 this afternoon. Soon we will be burning wood.
Idaho can get really cold...NOT YET!!!


Lynn said...

Hope you are feeling better...yes, I too would be holding my breath, but he looks like he knows what he is doing up there.
Fun getting new things done in and around the house, I know!
I like the red chipping paint on the barn. Maybe paint murals on it next spring.
Get the quilts out for the cold coming on!

Janet said...

There are always too many projects around the house. I hope Arney's roofing day went smoothly and he didn't have to use that cell phone!

Yikes! 29ยบ....we're still having summer here!

Jodi said...

Oh, Mary - don't you just hate it when your hubby is hanging around up high? Ack - I try not to watch too much! Sounds like you have your own list of fixer-upper projects going. At least a new potty sits on the ground. ;o)

29 is pretty nippy. We're only down to the mid-40's at night.

Stay warm.