Friday, March 4, 2011

Cradle and Quilt


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The baby quilt is done…I finished it this morning.My hands are a little sore, but so worth it.

21 years ago our first grandchild was coming into the world. Arney found a pattern for a cradle made in the 1800’s and all winter long he handmade this beautiful solid Oak rocking cradle. It was a really cold winter here in Idaho and often I would take hot coffee to him to help keep him warmer. Made with love for Kayla Marie and all his grandchildren to come.

So now a new great granddaughter will be born and she will lay in this beautiful cradle.

There are no nails in the cradle. It was put together with wooden dells that Arney also made by hand.

Before it goes home with Kayla and Dolan, I will clean and wax the cradle. It will shine!

Made with love, Arney & Mary.



Janet said...

The cradle and the quilt are both beautiful handmade family treasures. I'm sure Kayla and Dolan will love using the cradle. Then they pass it on to the next new baby in the family.

The quilt is so pretty. I love the colors you've used. Now give your hands a rest!

Mary Bee said...

All Mary and Arney! You do such good work. The quilt is gorgeous. Mary known to your hands the rest and celebrate your accomplishment. You really made this very rapidly. I'm impressed.

As for the cradle, that is a wonderful story and some day this great-grandchild will be so proud of having had it as its bed when it was first born. These kind of moments of heritage are seldom lost.

Congratulations you two. Now when this baby due?

Cat said...

Oh Mary!!! I love the quilt and it will be so soft and sweet in this awesome cradle! You and Arney share such love to the generations!


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Such wonderful heirlooms! Your quilt turned out beautiful.

Betzie said...

gorgeous Mary!!!! You both did a fabulous job and that cradle and quilt will be cherished!!!! Just started getting into quilting...having fun collecting fabrics! xo Enjoy that new baby!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

My dear sweet is SO, SO GOOD to hear from you!!!!! oHMygoodness...I don't know which one to scream over first, the cradle that Arney made, which is absolutely exquisite or the AMAZING quilt you created with your two hands!!!!! They are both so very beautiful, this baby will be welcomed with love...these both are such heirlooms Mary to last through generations to come!!!! I hope you are doing wonderful, rest those sweet fingers :) sending you hugs and love, Dawn

lila said...

Really and truly beautiful together, Mary!
What a family heirloom! And a great grandchild! Perfect!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Very pretty and such wonderful memories...

Lynn said...

This story brought sweet tears to my eyes. I love the LOVE that went into both gems here, the beautiful quilt and the amazing cradle. As you know I love family and relics, memories and passing things and I, I think, are of such like mind. Wishing all the best for the new baby and family.