Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drawstring bag….

In the quilt that I made there are these little Monkeys with cupcakes. Because I never know when to stop. I made this bag for the quilt yesterday….The shower is Saturday, I better stop! This is a very soft flannel.

I am off to Summit’s birthday party..he is 11 years sweet, good student, plays great baseball and loves his family. Still gives kisses:)DSCN1135


Janet said...

You are so creative! The bag is a wonderful addition to the gift.

I hope Summit has a fun-filled birthday.

Lynn said...

The bag is delightful. And the little girl might use it later on in life to take the quilt to sleep overs at her friends houses.

Happy birthday to your grandson too. He sounds like an all around guy!

Silver Strands said...

That is so cute ... making a bag for a quilt - what a great idea!