Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harriet Tubman

book 001 Harriet Tubman with a few people she helped during the Civil War. She is to the far left with a pan in her hands.

So many books I have not read and this was one of  them. I picked it up at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for 25 cents. Just started reading it and if not for things I must do, I would read it straight through without stopping.

I am really enjoying the way this is written, It is a simple book, it reads very easy.

This picture was taken during the Civil War. Harriet is to the far left with the pan in her hand.

I love history, the good and the bad of it. There are things we should know so we can understand other cultures. When I was a little girl, I was afraid of people of color. And as I grew up I continued to not understand who they were. Books like this one tell a story, they give you a light into a world we have never know.

In these times, it would be good to know more about the people we fear. To understand why they are the people they are, and where all the anger came from….just a thought.

Have a really special weekend!



Julie said...

I have to admit, Mary, that I have not read much about Harriet Tubman. If you want to learn about the black woman's experience, I urge you to read "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. It is very good. It was on the best-seller list a year or so ago and is back on the list now because of the movie tie-in. The movie will be out soon. I saw a preview last week and it looks like it will be really good too.

Julie said...

PS - Here's a link:

It got 2,600 five-star reviews!! That's the most by far I've ever seen for a book on

Janet said...

Your idea about learning about other people so we can understand them is how I feel, too. After all, we're all humans....we just come in different packages.

Lynn said...

Glad you are enjoying your book about Harriet Tubman, such an important woman in history.
There is a Black History show on PBS you might enjoy too. Very educative.
I'm glad you are no longer afraid, but inquistive and interested and caring.