Monday, May 16, 2011

I Confess:)

AllMyChildrenPic one_life_to_live_logo  In a short time these two soaps will come to a end. I have watched them on and off since they started. It is the only soaps I watch so this is a end to a era, and something I enjoyed. I mostly listened to them while doing other things. But these actors become very much apart of a daily plan. I am a little sad, but I think for the most part I am sick of a lot of the people over time. And some of the stories are so silly, but I am drawn to them.

When I was young, my Grandmother watched soaps and they were only on 15 minutes. I think there was more “Soap Suds” than story.

Now I do not know if anyone of you are soap fans, and I know it can be a little secret sometimes. To admit being a watcher can bring some really strange reactions.

I will get over it, someday…..a soap fan.


Betzie said...

Hi Mary,
When I was younger I used to love All My Children and The Guiding Light! I watched them a lot with my grandmother too! You do get caught up in the characters. I'm amazed they all seem to be coming to an end. Thanks for visiting me today!

Janet said...

I don't watch soaps but when my daughter was just a kid she and her girlfriend got all hung up on the Luke and Laura storyline and were so excited over the big wedding.

Everything has a life span and it seems that so many things are ending now....things that have been around throughout our lives. It will be interesting to see what comes next.

Lynn said...

If I ever did it was so long ago I hardly remember. Did not become an on going fan. My daughter liked General Hospital and know she watched iwth my husband sometimes. He's mentioned that.
Anything being associated with this long leaves a sense of loss.
Hope you will fill it with something worthwhile and that the memories will last forever.

Mary Bee said...

Days of our Lives was my addiction from 18 through maybe 40ish. I finally gave it up cold turkey. I realized I thought I knew them. One lost mind. Had to walk away. LOL

Werna Gail said...

When my children were very small I would watch them as they took a nap, my break. That has been many years ago, lost interest. Also had to go to work. I will not miss them
I posted on your other blog, I really like the idea of telling your story.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Mary! I always loved All My Children. I watched since I was a teenager until I had to go to work and lost touch with it. I am really sad this one is ending. It's always been one of my fantasies to be a soap star. Have a nice day! Twyla

Kathy said...

Not a fan these days, but I have happy memories of watching General Hospital with my mom. I used to pin a folded Kleenex on my head with bobby be like the nurse'!
My "stories, my mom called them...
LOL at the soap suds comment, by the way...funny stuff, xo

Julie said...

My mom watched "As the World Turns" so I watched that with her in summers. However, my Grandma and Aunt Mary watched "Days of Our Lives" so when I was at their house that is what I watched. Of course, over all the years I worked I hardly ever saw "Days" and so missed big chunks of story line. And I don't think you can beat "Days" for silly story lines.