Monday, July 4, 2011

World War One

Grandpa Stinnett 001 This is my Grandpa Stinnett. Denny B. Stinnett. He never talked about the war, at least not in front of his grandkids. Grandma said he wasn’t the same man after his time in the war. It was a inside battle.

His home in Oklahoma became part of the Dust Bowl era, he lost everything and took his family to California. He became a Share Cropper in the Valley of California and grew cotton.

This is just one man that gave his all for our freedom, a simple man that only wanted to farm and raise a few kids. He was proud to be a American. A man of few words, he worked hard for very little.

I love this man, he left me more than he could ever really know. He did so much with very little. I think he was very Brave!!!

         Have a great 4th of July!!!!!


Silver Strands said...

Wow. This is a FABULOUS post!

Betzie said...

He reminds me of my grandfather Mary!
Little do they know how much they teach us and how they live on inside of us...
Always fun to visit you! Happy fourth! Betzie