Friday, August 12, 2011

A Little “Mary” Maintenance

144004119_1d9f53b438 I am taking a break from Blog land. Not for very long. I am busy working on me. It will be hard, but I just need some me time. I may drop by your blogs and comment as time permits. I am going to a therapist for my back and just trying to get me well.

Be back soon…..Hugs, Mary


Mary Bee said...

I hope your back will be back soon too. I am so right there supporting your efforts Puppy. You know I understand and comisserate completely.

Lynn said...

Oh finally I can leave a comment. It's been difficult for some reason. Computer would not allow it and now you are going away from here for a bit. I do hope the mending will come quickly and leave you feeling much better. With a back problem I can well imagine that sitting at the computer would be difficult. So do take good care of yourself Mary. I will miss you here but will be patient.
My daughter in law is in labor as I type this, so check my blog when you are able to learn the result of her day today! ;-) Hugs from one grandma to another who understands.

Cat said...

Please heal well and be blessed!
XO, Cat

Betzie said...

Enjoy your alone time Mary and hope it benefits you.
Thanks for visiting me, I always love reading your comments...even though I don't blog very much these days. Take care GF! xo

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Mary, my thoughts will be with you hope you have a peaceful rejuevinating break and health to your back! Twyla

lila said...

take care! Hope you feel better soon! (Sitting at this computer is not helping my back today!)