Sunday, September 11, 2011

How could we forget?

I woke this morning to the reading of the names of mankind that had died on 9/11. I did not know one of these lives, I do not know if they were Rep. or Dem. I have no idea what or if they had a church or a faith in God. I only knew that they were gone and it left a hole in the hearts of family and friends. As a nation we wrapped our arms around these people dead or alive. They belonged to us, we the American people. And now ten years later we feel a great loss. We lost a few freedoms and I never felt more awake. I found myself feeling a great pride in this country and We The People because I could see the care in the faces around me. We matter, we circled the wagons. But our leadership found away to invade a country that I have sense learned had nothing to do with this act against America.
What is our direction today, who do we yell at, what do we feel about this land we say we love and the people in it. I think we are under a horrible cloud, we seem to see eye to eye on very little. Families divided because of what? If you open your mouth in the wrong places, you will find hate standing between you. I am sad, and I worry about the hate that has entered this country.
9/11 is over, the man who caused this is dead, we are doing the best we can to be safe, but for heavens sake, where is the heart? Are we going back to a time when brother fought against brother, father against son. Families not coming together for fear of a fight, the pain of words said and unsaid. We are the government and we pay these guy to piss us off, do it wrong, take the money and run...who are they and why do they think they can mess with our hearts, our minds, our respect for each other. So the battle is not them, it is us, WE THE PEOPLE! What have we lost as a people, are we lazy, do we just not care about each other as long as no other country comes along and hits us like 9/11. Then we pull out our fear of them, our hearts bleed for those that are hurt, or will we keep this hate going and say oh well, they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every time we take away money from education, people that are in need, distroy a program that has worked for decades, We the People hurt and kill our own kind. One pill a day taken from the wrong person can cause a death and yet we don't want to fund those with the least.
Yep, this is a soap box and I am sad....I am venting because I need a place too. My hope that we are on the same page, but if we are not, I hope it doesn't mean that we can't be different and still care about each other.


Lynn said...

Amen, Mary, Amen!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Mary,

I haven't been blogging, but today I decided to check in to see what a few of you were doing these days. When I read your post, I just had to leave a comment with you...BRAVO! I couldn't agree more.


Janet said...

I agree!! Somehow we've become a mean-spirited country and I'm sure that isn't what our founding fathers had in mind.