Monday, September 12, 2011

I have missed our time together..

Toallthe It has been awhile and I hope that you have all been having fun with the summer sun. I am working on tags for Bazaar that I will share soon. Remember in school when they asked you what you did this summer?

My Birthday in July was spent with my Granddaughter Kayla and my Great Granddaughter Bella. It was a sweet time and I am so glad to have had this…Kayla and I had our Birthdays together.

I have lost some weight but still have a long way to go. I also went to a sports and pain center for my back and although I am going to always have back pain, I have learned a lot about how to help it.

And then their is Finley “Finn” our sweet puppy. He keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh…it is a good thing.

I am sad about my Flower garden. It seems the dirt has lost all plants need to grow. So we will be clearing out my flower beds and adding what is needed for growing. I did get flowers, but the ground is hard and no amount of turning the soil has helped.

Arney is sanding and staining the porch rails and floor. Nothing last forever and it needed some TLC.

It is in the 90’s here today but they are calling for a cool down.

We didn’t go anywhere this summer. But we are planning on it this winter Or late fall.

So what did I do this summer? Mary Maintenance. Now I hope to get busy doing other things too.

It is good to be here, now I will comment as I go looking at what you have done this summer. MaryDSCN1548


Betzie said...

Hi Mary!
Thanks for stopping by today! I always love seeing you and visiting your blog. I need to keep losing weight as well....always a battle. I'm glad you enjoyed your grandkids and have had a nice summer...have fun making your tags!
xo Betzie

Cat said...

YAY!!! Mary is back!!! I was so glad to see your comment! And gladder yet to see your post!

Supper sweet that you included a picture of Finn, he is soooo adorable!

Congrats on some weight loss! That will help your back some. I was amazed at how much physical therapy helped mine, I am so skeptical about things - then surprised when they work!

You will have a beautiful flower garden next year with all the nourishment it has been lacking! I need to add some good soil to my raised veggie beds too for next year.

Looking forward to seeing your tags, you always come up with such neat art!!!

XO, Cat

Janet said...

It's so good to see you blogging again. I missed you.

Having time for "Mary Maintenance" is important. Sounds like you had a good summer except for your flower garden.

Lynn said...

Those little girls at the top of this post...they are Patty, Marion, Joann, Me and Patty's cousin Peggy. We all played together on Amador street for eighteen years together. Now only Patty and I are left; well Peggy too but only she and Patty get together. Patty and I do too, lots now that she is retired. But we always reminisce about when we were that young!!!!

You have only to go to my blog to see what I've been doing this summer. One art quilt done; a small one too but not posted till summers end this month; lots and lots of drawing and paintings.

Lynn said...

Mary, no, no, no...sorry to confuse here.I just meant that I felt that the little girls in the photo LOOKED LIKE and/or reminded me of our little group when we were kids. I have no other association with the actual photograph. It is NOT mine.
So sorry to not have written that more clearly.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Mary! Finn is absolutely adorable! I'm glad you've been taking care of yourself. Have a great week! Twyla

Julie said...

Hi, Mary, I'm so glad to see you back. It sounds like you had a good summer.

I actually had great flowers this summer as I had a couple rototill and amend three small flower beds this spring. It is supposed to freeze tonight and I have so many annuals to cover. Darn, it is too early for frost.

You know how I spent my summer, including my trip to Aspen. It made me realize how much weight I have to lose, what with all the walking, the thin atmosphere and my two very fit sisters in law. There are no fat people in Aspen - none!