Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yesterday a Starbucks with a little adventure….

starbucks-logo-current DSCN1608 DSCN1616

Woke to a really beautiful day, the sun was warm and the sky was a deep blue. Arney gassed up the little Subaru and off I went to Boise. It is a little more than 20 miles on the back roads. I was ready for a little adventure with my 50 dollar gift card B&N my son Cory gave me last May. I wish we had a store here in Nampa, but the drive was really nice.

Bought myself a cup Milky Way Latté and I was ready to find some art Magazines. I bought 5 of them, yep, I had to put some of my own cash in but it was fun.

While deep into making a few choices a friend from church joined me…we talked crafts and I continued on my way with Mages and coffee in hand. Drove home listening to some good sounds and got a call from Mary…I know don’t drive and talk:(

Last, I have finished the tags for the items for Bazaar. I think they work well. And now to decide if I have enough energy to make some other things, before the end of October…maybe!!!!!

It’s October, how can that be????


Kathy said...

That sounds like a wonderful day Mary. The coffee drink sounds yummy! I love this tag, so sweet and pink, just perfect. I know, October already...I feel like I missed all of Sept. I guess I really did... xo

Janet said...

Swoon....a $50 gift card to B&N! What a great gift. Sounds like you had a perfect day browsing the books and magazines with your friend.

This tag is so cute!

Lynn said...

Hey, you had fun!!!! Love your tags! Glad you got five mags!!!
Enjoy Mary, enjoy! Hugs from me.

Cat said...

Sounds like a delightful day and I'm sure there is lots of creativity ahead with all those magazines!
Have fun!

Betzie said...

I love adventures like that! Nothing better than coffee, B&N, and art magazines!!!
Glad you had fun and your tag is so cute! xo