Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year:)

DSCN1870 As you can see, we are having a very peaceful ringing in of the NEW YEAR……” What you don’t see is me drunk with my party hat on!! TEE HEE!

Looking back to 2011 was a year of change for me. Understanding my strength and limitations. Change is hard for me, We seem to set down rules for ourselves and feel that this is how it should be. But in truth life is a ever changing journey. Now to see if I can continue on the path I have set for myself? My Journey.



Janet said...

Happy New Year dear friend! I hope 2012 is fantastic for all of us.

Mary Bee said...

HNY to you too my best ever friend. I shut the lights off about 11:50 and pulled the covers over. I went to sleep to the thunderings sounds of celebration out and about in Sacramento. They always do huge noisy fireworks down at the river and numerous smaller ones too. Naumee crawled under the blankets for safe keeping because he did not

Lynn said...

Happy NEW year! Just have as much fun as you can on your journey. Then you can skirt around the not so easy parts of the path! ;-)
Hugs from me. Love the photo...sorry I missed you in your party hat! LOL