Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fiesta ware

For many years I have had white

dishes in my kitchen. I would look at colors but never really knew what I wanted. I have always loved the colors and style of Fiesta ware…but never thought of having it myself. Areny got me  a i phone 4s, and now I will have to learn how to us it…it will be fun when I get the hang of it. Cory & Kristie got me 4 place settings of Fiesta ware and Jenny & Doug got me a gift card so I can pick out what I want…also going for more Fiesta ware…I can hardly wait to show them all off in my kitchen. It will be really fun in my cottage farmhouse…This is what Fiesta ware looks like. Also thank you for your comments on my Birthday…always a special gift.Red-or-Orange-Fiesta-Ware-Ten-Extinct-or-Almost-Extinct-Colors_thumbThey come in all colors…I am going to do as many colors as I can. So far I have 4 colors.

Thank you for a wonderful birthday family!!!!


NanaDiana said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. My Mom had a set of Fiesta ware back in the late 50's/early 60's...and bright glasses to match. What fun that you started a set of them. Can't wait to see them in your cottage farmhouse- xo Diana

Kate said...

Happy birthday. I have Fiestaware and I love it. There are so many other sizes of bowls and plates. We got the fruit bowls and another small bowl and the lunch plates. I have a few serving pieces too. If you are ever in Missoula Mt they have a store with the largest selection of open stock Fiestaware out there. Enjoy all those new colors..

Susie said...

Happy birthday..sorry if I am late. I like your new dishes, they can be mixed with all your whites. Smiles, Susie

Lynn said...

Happy birthday from me too.

My best girlfriend, Patty, has collected Fiesta Ware for years and years. Her kitchen is decorated in it with rows of pitchers in all colors and other pieces as well on shelves on the walls. I am sure she owns at least one or more of everything they make. Enjoy yours!

Ruth Kelly said...

My daughter has the blue Fiestaware with cobalt blue glasses. They are striking and I love them. I had to get myself some of those cobalt blue glasses too but I have plenty of stoneware.