Monday, July 16, 2012

The stuff…….

DSCN2414 When we found our cottage farm house, we knew there would be many changes. We spent our time on the down stairs and the upstairs had to wait. Arney built the new staircase and everything had to be put on hold. Every time we would make a plan it just seemed to get lost.

It became a place of storage. So like the  Hoarders on TV, it began to be the catch all of life.

Here and there I would go up and move things around and even took the old carpet out of one of the bedrooms, saying that this time we will get it done.

I call it the lost rooms… So we rented a dumpster and put it under a window upstairs, and today with the help of Jenny my daughter and Summit my grandson, the pitching of the stuff started, and they are returning tomorrow.

There are two bedrooms upstairs in this 1906 cottage farmhouse. But when we are done it will be only one large room with all new carpet, a sweet wall color and a new walk in closet. Everything NEW!

All the walls that divided the rooms will be removed. Don’t you just love a summer project..Yikes!!

Here are a few picture I took to give you some idea of what is going on.DSCN2413 Going up the stairs.                        Should I go on the Hoarders show???DSCN2418 What can a person say???? DSCN2416DSCN2423

It is really sweet when a box becomes empty and gone….DSCN2430 DSCN2442

Here is the window that things are flying out of. My grandson is the thrower.DSCN2443 The dumpster is way down there. Summit and his Mom (Jenny) having Subway with me…our lunch brake. DSCN2439DSCN2440

Thank you for a really fun day….To be continued

I am looking forward to your comments…


NanaDiana said...

Well...You are NOT a hoarder because hoarders don't KNOW they are hoarders...AND I didn't see any poop filled bags! THAT is the big tip off, you know.

I can't wait to see your upstairs done. It is going to be wonderful-xo Diana

Lynn said...

This is going to be so nice once done. I'm glad for you that the time as come to make it happen!!!!
Yippie! Excited to see the end result too.

Susie said...

If you didn't find any dead cats while sorting , I guess you are not such a hoarder. But my gosh, I know what you are saying about how quickly things can start to pile up. Bring that dumpster over here next. LOL. smiles to you and your cute helpers, Susie

Ruth Kelly said...

Tossing junk out the window into a dumpster is very very creative. I am glad you tackled it. Now if I can just make myself tackle my basement but throwing stuff out the basement window will not work for me. Oh well!

Betzie said...

I have asked myself that same question Mary! I hoard too many things and need to let go of some. I'm glad you had help and that your vision is becoming a reality. It will be such a nice refreshing change for you! Great going and I'm sure you'll feel freer too after it's all over.
Enjoy and I would love a cottage cup of tea! Wish we could live more than one life here on earth! :) Have fun! Betzie

The Feathered Nest said...

I remember my garage looking like this sweet Mary!!! I never EVER thought it would be clean but it finally was! This was at our old house and now, guess what, I have NO place to put extra stuff...I guess that's what happens when you downsize. You are so going to love it up there when you guys are finished! Hope you are doing wonderful sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn