Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Have you ever been lost and did not know it?

Don’t leave home without your cell phone!!!

And don’t forget to charge the darn thing.

We used to just go where we wanted without the phone, but not any longer.

I was in the missing this morning and last night because I did not charge my phone….

And to make things worse, Arney turns his phone off.

So two of my three children were alarmed when they could not reach me. Cory missed out on the drama because he is back east on a business trip.

Phone,,,,living in a new age.


NanaDiana said...

Oh- Yeah- Those kids are worse than we used to be as parents when we didn't know where our kids were. I sometimes don't have mine on me if I am just running into a store or something...and if the kids can't find me they start calling each other to see if the other one knows where I am.....CRAZY!!! xo Diana

Ruth Kelly said...

Yes, we are in a new age of instant contact. Who would have known just a few years back!

Lynn said...

our phones are either never charged or he doesn't pick up or doesnt know how to check for messages either. Oy vey! Why do we have them?
The one time I got rear ended and NEEDED a phone (which I say I got for emergencies only)but had left at home, I stood on the side of a road, held my hand up to my ear as if on a phone, pointed to it and a truck driver pulled over to lend me his phone so I could call AAA and the police. that worked for me. Oh and the insurnace company. So no I don't really need it as everyone else on the earth has one.
Remember when we used to go into a store and ask if we could use their phone and they let us? Or when there were phone booths on every corner! With phone books in tact? those were the days!