Tuesday, August 7, 2012

me time with painted nails. and other adventures….


I have the worst nails!

They break, peel,and they are thin. I am not to crazy about the colors I have tried over the years. But I saw this really pretty Gold and thought it would be fun to give it a try….I love it. It goes good with my fair skin.DSCN2482

Can you see Albert…he is living in my mud room. Praying mantis are so fun to watch. He looks at me….I talk to him…but he was not happy about getting his picture taken…….I think he might be hiding out*DSCN2480

DSCN2481 DSCN2489

Happy Birthday Halle Dawn, now that you are 2, you will have so much to learn and do. Mom (Kristie) made the amazing cake. Halle loves Spurge Bob.DSCN2490

Alexis and Avery helping Halle with her presents. So cute…

Avery decided that she had nothing to do, so today I made her and Alexis paper dolls.DSCN2503

Thank you for a really special evening….DSCN2475

Work continues on the soon to be one bedroom. It will be 251/2 feet long and 17 feet wide.

It’s Tuesday and my house needs me, Mary


Susie said...

The party looked fun. I love to see the kids faces when they see their cakes.
That is going to be a nice bedroom. Smiles, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Sounds like you have been a busy gal. What a sweet party for a darling little girl. I love a kid's party.

What a big bedroom that is going to be- I'll bet you are getting excited to get it done- Blessings- xo Diana

Lynn said...

Precious grand kids!!! Love the cake.
As for nails have you tried eating gelatin? I hear it strengthens nails. (look it up to be sure, just something stored in my mind from yesteryear)
Gold is pretty.