Thursday, October 18, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint


lulus birthday 015

This table was painted by…Nana Diana at Nana Diana Takes a Break…she is a sweet gal that is very creative.She shared that she used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. And my thoughts went directly to the furniture painting I am planning for the Loft.

Thank You Diana!!!!

I went on line and no stores carried it in my area, so I ordered it. It came yesterday.



If you are interested in this paint, just google Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I will let you know how I like it. I plan to do my picket headboard with this paint.It should be really good for shabby chic looks. It works indoor, outdoor, and on almost every finish. No sanding, clean the piece you are wanting to paint and then paint. If you want a white wash look you can add water to the paint. 

DSCN2661 DSCN2670

The work continues on the Loft. We will be texturing the walls this weekend. Then we will paint walls and trims. I can really see it all coming together now and I love it already.

Happy fall :)


Janet said...

I've never used chalk paint so I'm looking forward to seeing your results. The loft is coming right along...I bet you're anxious for it to be finished so you can use it.

Ruth Kelly said...

Great rewards of getting the job finished - I am anxious for you to have it done too.

Lynn Cohen said...

Nice paint job on chest! Know everything you paint will be spectacular!

Glad Arney's eye is better, and work continues on your loft. It's going to be so wonderful once completed!


Susie said...

Hope your paint job turns out well. Let us see when it's done. Smiles, Susie