Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just a couple of old turkey’s


Off we go to my daughters house for Thanksgiving dinner.

We will pass by many farms on the back roads. People gathering together on this special day.

I just love my new bonnet!!!

Jenny will make the best stuffing, Doug will tend the bird, Summit will keep asking is it time yet. And we are bringing the ham….:)

Everything will be so pretty, and we will eat our fill. I will try to stay away from the sweet’s but I will fail…

At the end of the day we will say our good bye’s  and head for home wondering why I ate that last piece of pie?

My heart will be full too because it is a day to celebrate all that is good and real in our life…Family, good friends.

We will drive home through the country side and be grateful that we have a home to go to.

May you be blessed to be a blessing on this

Thanksgiving Day…



NanaDiana said...

My Gosh- THAT is just a beautiful post. I felt like I was traveling right along with you on your special day. Love to you- xo Diana

Janet said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was every thing you hoped it would be. Ours was quiet with just HB, me, my daughter and her roommate. Lots of good food, laughter, and love.

Ruth Kelly said...

I had a wonderful day with friends and wow can my friend Ann cook. I brought my famous candied yams made from fresh yams, cranberry sauce made from fresh cranberries and a key lime coconut pie. Your thanksgiving sounded awesome!