Monday, November 19, 2012

I just know you will be so glad!!!


Do you get the feeling that this man just works all the time? You would be right!

He comes home to eat, sleep build and paint. Yes we are so ready to be done.

He is my hero!

Always something to do here at "The Back of the Moon”


NanaDiana said...

So...Are you telling us that you are a slave driver?;>) It is nice to have a man that can do all that stuff. MyHero is NOT handy AT ALL!!!! It costs us more to UNDO what he does than it would to pay to have it done in the first place. xo Diana

Lynn Stevens said...

The remodel is looking good!!! Love what you did to those boxes!
hugs Lynn

Lynn Cohen said...

Lets hear it for Arney! Hip hip hurray, hip hip hurray! You are one lucky gal!!!

Ruth Kelly said...

Diana is so funny. Good for both of you to have your project done.

Ruth Kelly said...

May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy of family and delicious food. We can all thank our Heavenly Father for our abundance.