Monday, September 17, 2012

NO! It is still September

For many years I have made tags for our Church Bazaar. This is when no matter what the temp or day it is, my clock says it is fall.

I find a theme and this year I made them with Christmas in mind.

Here are just a few that I have made.

I have more to show you, but I thought this was enough of a Christmas reminder.

Fall is in the air!

Oh Yes, I thought you might like to see Finn our little Maltese. And yes we are still working on the Loft.

DSCN2580 DSCN2581 DSCN2583 DSCN2585 DSCN2591 DSCN2593


The ball hanging from her hand is a bead. I hung it with thread so it moves.

DSCN2574 DSCN2575 DSCN2576

Soon to be a closet. Arney is mudding as I write this.

Now to go look and see what you are doing.


Susie said...

I love your tags. They are so cute. I really like that they are a bit old fashioned looking. One day the loft will be completely done and gorgeous.Smiles, Susie

Ruth Kelly said...

The tags are gorgeous! Looks like things are moving along on the remodeling.

Kathy said...

Beautiful tags, I love the 'wings'.

Janet said...

You always do such wonderful things for the Church Bazaar. The tags are beautiful! And Finn is adorable!