Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saying good-bye to a tree!

I know this is going to sound weird, we had to have our hundred year old tree cut down. We loved that tree. It shaded our house from the hot sun. It was beautiful. It was 5 feet wide.

We called it Woody.

Since it was right next to the house and more than a hundred feet tall, we realized that in a high wind it could drop a very large branch on our house. This winter large bark was coming off the tree, so we had someone come look at Woody and they told us it was dyeing. That we should have it removed.

I love trees, they air so beautiful. We had three other trees trimmed also.

When they cut Woody down it shook this house to the core.


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Susie said...

Shopgirl, I love tree also. Where we live now, we have super tall trees and they all drop trash of sorts. So we are always cleaning up the yard. We have a hickory tree near this house and I worry about what damage it could do. Was your tree hollow in the center??? If it wasn't, you may have been able to keep it a while. We had a willow tree taken out here....but in town we had big maples...they were all hollow . Maybe you could get a nice little drawf tree to plant there. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Oh- That is so sad. I hate to lose a tree-especially one that is so old and so well loved. We have lost a couple in our time and it is just sad. Hope you have a wonderful weekend-what's left of it anyway- xo Diana

Janet said...

That is so sad but I guess if it was a hazard it had to go. Thank goodness they were able to cut it down without any incident.

Sorry I've been so absent!

Ruth Kelly said...

I agree it is sad to lose such an old tree that is so big.