Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Thursday:)

DSCN3159 DSCN3160

Well it is Thursday

and I am off to my knitting class. I will turn this shawl in today. I am going to start a throw for my Great Granddaughter this week. She will not be 2 until June 10th. I thought it could be for when she is riding in the car. Her Mommy is really into pink so it will probably be in some way Pink.

I need to go look at all you have done. Our electric was off till 7:00 last night. We had trees trimmed and one removed. I will share later.

Have a great day. The sun is shinning here and the sky is so blue.



Ruth Kelly said...

Have fun knitting.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love that ruffled edge. Beautiful work. Am sure the pink will be a delight too!

Cheryl said...

That is lovely... I just can't get the hang of knitting! I can crochet though :-)