Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall is in the was cool this morning...tomatoes for the pot!

LB decided it was cold this morning and crawled under the sofa throws. Arney went tomato picking this morning and came up with the Motherload. We have been giving everyone tomatoes. I am making Bazil tomato soup this evening or tomorrow. It weighs over a pound.

Arney thought this was we are having a good day.


Cat said...

Gary picked tomatoes yesterday too! I don't know if we had a 5" one or not! We have one Roma plant that gave us a big bounty too, and I made Tomato Jam out of it.

Today... Salsa.

Tomato Basil soup sounds delicious though! I love anything with tomatoes.

Janet said...

I sure wish I could reach into the computer screen and grab that huge tomato! There's nothing like a home-grown tomato fresh off the vine. I can eat them like apples! Well, I used to. Now my tummy doesn't like them anymore but I still do!

And send some of that cool weather down my way, would you please!!

lila said...

beautiful tomatoes!
Fresh tomato soup or gazpaucho or salsa or spagetti sauce. So many possibilities!