Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I am knee deep in tomato!

I have tomato's roasting in the oven .....this is the start of Tomato Basil soup. I am also making spaghetti sauce, so my kitchen is dressed in red. We have Brandy wine, Roma, early girls, and Beef steak....I may not want to look at a tomato until January. No, I love them....but I can't eat the seeds. It will be 77 today and in the 80's this weekend....sending love and a little cool weather to Janet. Hugs, Mary


Janet said...

Watch out or you'll be seeing red!! Don't you wish the harvest season could be stretched out a little to give you more time!

I'll be looking for that cool weather!

Beth said...

Yummy,,love tomatoes,,wish I lived close enough to get some from you!

Crayons said...

Wonderful image! My grandmother, who grew up in Turkey, remembered roasting tomatoes on the flat roof over a period of five days or so.

I'm such a city dweller now. I wish I could stroll over and buy some from you.