Tuesday, February 3, 2009

If you are reading Ruth

you will need to scroll down to page #1....I hope you will enjoy her story. I have some add pages too.
I am taking a break from Ruth for a little time of catch up, I have some other things I want to share as soon as they are done. Hope you are enjoying Ruth
I have always had a hard time with spelling...this is something that drives me nuts. When I am in a hurry or excited about what I am doing, I am known to mess up. Spell check is a big help but not always. So please excuse my lack of spelling ability. Spell check!!!!!


An Altered Life said...

Hi, I thought I should repay the favor and stop by :) What a fun blog this is!

Julie said...

I love reading Ruth's story! But I am more than just a bit worried about her.

What a lot of time and work you have put into your story. But I bet you feel so alive and creative when you are creating the pages!