Tuesday, February 3, 2009


page# 9 Sunday is best day. Everyone dressed in their nicest clothes. And their good manners. I worry sometimes, I often sin. I hope God hears my prayers. Pastor Michael is very popular with the ladies. They bake pies and cakes just for him. Before I forget, don't eat anything Mrs. Gibbard makes. She has lost two husbands to food poisoning. I think Pastor Michael will be married soon, the girls that are of the right age really like him. Clara hopes he will wait for her to grow up...Clara my dearest friend, he will be old then. Church picnic's are so much fun. We play games, get a little dirty sometimes, and Clara and I like to people watch. Father says it is a sin to play this game, Mother does it all the time and everyone including God loves Mother. Everybody says so.
I love the ice cream, have you ever had a cold eye...it hurts! Pastor Michael just loves prayer circles, he gathers us all together for group hugs all the time. Did you know that Charley Barns has hot sweaty hands, he smells too. Mother says he probably eats to much meat. Mother has a thing about meat, eat you vegetables is her favorite thing to say at meal time. Sometimes I have to leave the park and go home with Nurse Nancy, I never know when a bad spell will come on. Sometimes it can be truly awful being me. When God made me, did he leave something important out. Don't let Mother hear me even thinking this. Sunday is best day and I am so glad. Clare and I write note in church...it is probably not a good thing, but I really don't understand much of what Pastor Michael says. But I do know that everyone tells him how good it was at the door as we leave.

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