Monday, February 23, 2009

Thank You

I want to take this time to thank all of you wonderful friends that are following Ruth. I hope that you are enjoying Ruth, she is special to me.

For those that are a Little confused by this little adventure...Scroll down to page is a book/journal. Not a true story, but there was a Ruth Carpenter. My hope was to somehow give her a voice. It is often hard to understand how far we have come with medical care, it is hard to

realize that Ruth is only one little person, there must have been many.

Thank You so much...Mary

Everyone has a story, one day I will share mine. But until then there is Ruth.


Lynn said...

I've missed a few episodes and hope to catch up when I have time. I do enjoy what I am able to read very much, and enjoy the pages/collages too.

Betzie said...

This was a neat idea Mary!
I love imagining what the people were like in the old books I have...or who owned the old dolls I have sitting around...many a story to tell!
Thanks for signing up to make an ABC book...even if there are only three of us, it will be fun! XO

Betzie said...

Great idea about the ABC book with your family names! Love it...hope you don't mind me replying here, I was afraid you wouldn't see it if I replied to you on my blog.
Have fun! betzie

Betzie said...

Check out
Lots of beautiful backgrounds and so so easy to do!!! She tells you exactly how to do it...:))
So glad you are playing along!! xo

Julie said...

Hi, Mary,

I will love to hear your story when you tell it. I hope it is not a sad story like Ruth's.

In addition to the actual story, I love your use of muted colors and sepia tones, etc.