Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Party

I took so many pictures of the family, but this is Summit's day and I picked out these to tell his little story. Jenny is lighting the candles, she is my only daughter and best friend. He is a very special boy, he gives us so much love. It was a very special day. I found myself thinking of the day he turned one. He has a wonderful heart, a love that spreads to friends, and family. They live in a small town, I think everyone knows the Nell's. It is snowing like crazy...all is white.


Janet said...

Great pictures!! Happy Birthday to Summit!

Snow!!! We've got trees blossoming everywhere right now!

Cat said...

Happy Birthday to Summit!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Summit...Great name!
Love the football cake. He looks so happy and pleased. Lovely daughter, happy grandma.
And I noticed the cable car on the wall! ;-)

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Summit! He looks like he enjoyed his day very much. :o)