Friday, March 13, 2009

Great Grandmother & Grandfather

Now that I have searched and found this picture. My Aunt's decided to join the picture of Great Grandma Vennie P Miller and Great Grandpa John Miller. My Mother hated that they did this because the picture of Great Grandpa John Miller was done many years after Vennie P. Davis Miller had past away. So this is the Great Grandmother that I was told I looked allot like. I hope I have this right now. She died after having all these children, and Grandpa lived to be 90 years young. He traveled allot in his Golden years, visiting all his children and staying awhile with each one. I remember him with great affection. My cousin Carolyn and I spent allot of time with him as kids. He would take us to the corner market and buy us a candy bar and RC cola. It was at a time when the bottles were really big. I would take my time with both the candy and the cola. It had to last, it was not often you had this kind of treat. He sounded so much like a English man out of a movie. He loved us very much. I remember walking down the road barefooted on the hot tar....I never wore shoes if I didn't have too. I was so blessed to have had almost all my Grandparents alive at the same time. I will never forget these day


~Barb~ said...

I'm Irish-Indian, too...Daddy was full blood Irish (with the red hair to prove it) and Mom was 3/4 American Indian. I even posted a picture of them that I made into a piece of art on my blog today.

Sounds like we were both thinking along the same lines today, huh? Great minds think alike.

Peace & Love,

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Mary ~ I'm sure most of us are mutts, blendings of families...I hope you are doing wonderful today ~ Have a great weekend!! xxoo, Dawn


Hi Mary- I love hearing about your family, you come from such a diverse background.
Well, from my comment you can get to my blog now. It will explain a few things. Hugs to you!

Lynn said...

What a handsome man he was too. And lovely bride. I enjoy hearing your childhood memories...the hot black tar...the sweets and treats...making them last...and for him to have lived to, that did not happen very often in his day. Wonder memories you have to share...thanks.