Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Great Grandpa Joseph Miller & Great Great Grandma Perice Durbin Miller

As the story goes GG Grandpa Joseph Miller was shot in his own yard......I am not able to share why right now because I have buried the information somewhere. If I get more on this I will share it.
This is my Great Great Grandmother Perice Durbin.....and I am not sure who the child is, I have to ask my sister Sharon, I think she knows. So this is my Irish Great Great Grandmother. These two pictures above are the parents of John Miller.


Gail said...

Mary, I'm confused, are these two people the same as the ones in the last post? I just love old photos and family histoty.

lila said...

Great old photos! Perhaps this is where you get your beautiful red hair!!???(mine comes from L'Oreal,LOL! and is not as red as yours!)
I am baking Martha Stewart's Irish soda bread today!!!
Thanks for coming by my blog...once you start on the painted/altered chair, it is really fun!

Betzie said...

Hi Mary,
Love old family pics...they were all so serious though back then, weren't they?
I think they must have told them NOT to smile. LOL
Have fun at your tea...there are some great tea books out there if you need ideas. Don't worry about the ABC book...I haven't started!!!! I may just do a name or a few letters, 26 is a lot all at once! :))

~Barb~ said...

I've been so into old photos lately so I'm loving seeing these from you. I'd love to hear the story behind them, too.
Peace & Love,

Lynn said...

Such exciting history you have...some of it rather scary...these photos are terrific!
How wonderful you preserve them and hopefully generations to come will appreciate that. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Kathy said...

Love seeing the old photos. Such wonderful pieces of history!
Happy St. Patty's day!

Beth said...

I have Irish and Welch and Cherokee blood. I would love to go to Ireland one day. Love these old pictures!